Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Horror of the Rudd Regime Begins

The evil Rudd has began his reign of boredom.

THANKFULLY, it wasn't in Mandarin.

Prime minister-elect Kevin Rudd spoke uninterrupted today for a staggering 30 minutes in a frightening sign of what may be to come in a Labor-ruled Australia.

Announcing his front bench, Mr Rudd almost finished after 25 minutes but remembered he had forgotten to speak about a minister - and started talking again.

Journalists' tape recorders began clicking off in exhaustion as Mr Rudd then took questions for another 20 minutes.

Mr Rudd took the hint and wound up the press conference, saying: "I really need to go, and because two of your tape recorders have already gone off I would suggest that’s been a pretty long discussion we’ve all had this morning.”

The performance from Mr Rudd, who became a household name through chatty appearances on breakfast television while in opposition, follows his lengthy and unremarkable acceptance speech on Saturday when he was elected.....

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