Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Why I'm not sorry

Prime Minister Rudd is apparently preparing some sort of official apology to "stolen generation" of Aboriginals. Well, sorry Mr Rudd but I'm not sorry. Not only do I think its ridiculous for anyone of my generation to apologise for something that may have happened decades ago, (an Andrew Bolt is still trying to find 10 Aboriginals kids actually stolen for racist reasons) but I refuse to support something that is doing deadly damage to the current generation of indigenous children.

Remember that 10 year old girl who was packed raped? She was found to have been sexually abused at age seven and placed in foster care. She was latter sent back to her indigenous community to be packed raped. The reason:

A senior departmental official (said) the child involved was sexually abused at age seven and, as a safety measure, was put with various foster families, eventually ending up in 2005 with a non-indigenous family . . .

“These non-indigenous people were fantastic—ensuring she went to school, and the father actually took a year off his work to personally supervise this girl,” he said.

“But two new social workers were appointed to the north and they expressed the view, which was repeated many times to the investigating committee, that putting an indigenous child with white foster parents was another stolen generation
Its good to see Andrew Bolt keeping on top of this story.

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