Wednesday, January 23, 2008

significant level of support,, yeah right

The Queensland Nationals and Liberals are seriously looking at merger again. Considering the Libs recent clowning around it might be a good idea. I'm in no position to discuss this with any degree of wisdom, but this got my attention.

Another senior Queensland Liberal, Senator Russell Trood, issued a statement rejecting the merger proposal, on Wednesday night.

"I congratulate Mr Springborg on his election as leader of the Nationals in Queensland, but am unable to support his self-serving call for amalgamation which would seem to envisage the disappearance of the Liberal Party from Queensland's electoral landscape," Senator Trood said.

"Despite the results at last year's federal election, the Liberal Party continues to command a very significant level of support as the main party on the right of Queensland politics."

Very significant level of support? There are 89 seats in the Queensland parliament. The Liberals have a total of 8, the Nats have 17. It may be different at the federal level ( I haven't checked) but at the state level its hardly a significant level of support for either of them, certainly not for the Liberals.

If it does happen I wonder what they will call the new party?

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