Saturday, February 23, 2008

Centrelink cuts

As a former Centrelink employee I'm sure most of those 2000 will be happy to take their redundancies and get out.

However I wish the Opposition would get more guts. They should be demanding Centrelink be privatised not complaining about the cuts. If the government really wanted to save money they would out source Centrelink's business to a competitive market. Centrelink is just a government administration organisation. Theres no reason most of the functions could not be done by the private sector.

CENTRELINK will make about 2000 workers redundant to achieve budget savings demanded by the Rudd Government's razor gang. Centrelink chief executive Jeff Whalan said his budget would be cut by at least $150 million next financial year. The vice-president of the Community and Public Sector Union, Lisa Newman, last week called for a guarantee there would be no forced redundancies. "I wouldn't have been able to have given and cannot now give a guarantee of no redundancies," Mr Whalan said. "We will have to pull down our staff significantly. My best estimate at the moment is some 2000 staff."

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