Saturday, February 9, 2008

No tax cuts for us slaves

Well, I'm back from sunny Queensland and what do I find, Mr Swan wants to stop any further tax cuts.

Mr Swan has said he intends to hoard unspent budget surpluses rather than hand them back as tax cuts.

Asked later whether taxpayers would have to get used to no future tax cuts, Mr Swan said told ABC Radio: "The federal government has to show restraint."

"Australia faces a very significant inflation problem - it has to be dealt with."

So the Rudd government will be hoarding more billions in the F%^&ing future fund, a fund set up to pay for public servants retirement.... Great. .. That surplus is our money, rightfully earned by the Australian people, collected through over taxation.

Tax cuts are NOT a "reward for hard work", my wage is that. Taxes are for funding the proper functions of government, not to refund unneeded taxes is outright theft.

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