Monday, March 17, 2008

Super Hornets approved

For weeks now Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon has been bagging Brendan Nelson for ordering the Super Hornets. Today Fitzgibbon has had to back flip like an Olympic gymnast and confirmed the order.

Now the fighter is the best thing since sliced bread.:

Mr Fitzgibbon said the Super Hornet was an excellent aircraft capable of meeting any known threat in the region.

"It is the only aircraft which can meet the small delivery window created by the former Government's poor planning processes and politically driven responses,'' he said..

This should come as no surprise to any reader of this blog, I have been saying we will be getting the FA-18F for some time. It should have been obvious to anyone who bothered to look at the facts. But what really pisses me off is that complete civillian like me can work it out but a "defence journalist" like Ian McPhedran, who is getting paid to do research and write articles can't and come up with crap like this. Leftest moron.

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