Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wowser time

What really pisses me off is the never ending attempts by leftest to suck enjoyment from our lives. Mr Rudd thinks we have a big problem with binge drinking and is going to solve it by spending $ 53M on a National Binge Drinking Strategy. Sporting clubs will have to toe the party line or risk funding cuts (I'm not sure why sporting clubs need Commonwealth funds in the first place but lets put that aside for the moment) . My local member ,Julie Owens . has this to say:
"Parramatta, where I live, has a long history with alcohol," Ms Owens said.
We do Julie, and I'm proud off it. How far do you want to go back? The Rum Rebellion?

"It is something now that parents and community groups are very worried about. "It's about time that the government started working with parents and community groups to do something about this."

The mums and dads don't seem to be very worried at my club Julie, they seem to be enjoying the cheap beer.

Ms Owens admitted that her local NRL team, the Parramatta Eels, had not always been the best ambassadors for safe drinking.

"It goes through all levels of sport," she said.

Julie, whats the use of being a jock if you can't go drinking with your mates and get the shelias?

I think John Cobb is about right:

Mr Cobb said binge drinking had become a pet media subject and was suddenly a major problem.

"It's just like footballers today - I doubt they play up more than footballers ever did but it sure as hell is being reported more."

I better stop here and have my beer before Mr Rudd's wowsers introduces Prohibition.

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