Friday, April 25, 2008

Dingo to the rescue

I'm not surprised by this. Ernie Dingo has always striked me as a man of real character not just is one. Had he decided to build himself up and taken martial arts lessons he would have made a good movie action hero.

In a scene reminiscent of Dundee's, "That's not a knife" brush with New York bandits, Dingo saved the day after confronting the bullies attempting to steal a young boy's mobile phone.

....On location in London's famous Carnaby St for Channel 7's The Great Outdoors, the TV favourite stepped in to help the crying youngster, who was pleading for the return of his phone.

A Confidential reader on the scene said that shoppers watched as the boy followed the petty thieves while they "strutted arrogantly through the stunned crowd"."

To a man, they did nothing," the witness said. "Right when one of the bullies was about to belt the boy to stop him following them, they walked straight into the clutches of a fierce Ernie Dingo."

The dramatic scene was described as "straight out of High Noon".......

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