Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm here to help

The government interferes in the market to combat high petrol prices and we get... higher petrol prices. Why am I not surprised?

AUSTRALIA'S top petrol cop has flagged that motorists could be slugged an extra 2c a litre under a push for a new higher national fuel standard.

The man appointed by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to stamp out "price gouging" has revealed he could be asking motorists to pay more - not less - when they fill up.

Patrick Walker wants to wipe out the state differences on fuel and replace it with a one-size-fits standard following the lead of Western Australia. "The quality premium is about 2c a litre in WA," Mr Walker said. "That is the sort of quantum we are talking. ''It would just make things easier if people, particularly nationally based chains or organisations, were able to be confident that one standard applied right across Australia."

The revelation came as angry industry groups attacked Mr Walker and his backing of the controversial FuelWatch scheme.

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