Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hybrid Commodore

Holden wants to produce a Hybrid Commodore within a couple of years.:
In a surprise announcement yesterday, General Motors's Asia-Pacific boss, Nick Reilly, in Australia for an annual review, told journalists: "We will introduce hybrids in the next couple of years. Our strength in hybrids tends to be in the larger vehicles, so that's where you'll see them first. [A hybrid Commodore] could be one of the first hybrids that you will see. I would put a time frame on that of probably a couple of years."
Problem, nobody wants to buy them so the car manufactures want subsidies.
"Hybrids don't make sense unless you have incentives. Part of our submission to the Federal Government review into the automotive industry is that there should be some benefit to the consumer."
All that hybrids do is improve fuel economy. motorist have better, cheaper, options for that such as smaller cars. Have a look at the current 4 cylinder Toyota Corolla sedan, its bigger then the early 60's 6 cylinder Holden (check the specs on the net if you doubt me) with much better economy. The baby boomer families of the 60's were happy with their Holdens so smaller modern famlies are happy with their Toyotas.

We can look forward to the government wasting millions on cars people don't want.

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