Thursday, May 1, 2008

More on gay marriage

A bit of a follow up to my gay marriage post. I have no problem with legal recognition for gay unions , my objection is to include such unions in the Marriage Act. I'm concerned about changing the meaning of marriage but what really worries me is that you can bet gay activists , human rights types and other social engineers will accuse religious ministers of discrimination for not preforming gay marriages. Its bound to end in the courts and if won , religious ministers would stop preforming legal marriages. If Christians and others don't want to preform such unions they shouldn't have too.

A better way is to give gays the same rights under separate legislation. Call it something like civil unions and give them a register too. Marriage celebrants can add it to their repertoire but they wouldn't have too. In fact theres no need to give civil unions any sexual basis at all. There are people such as spinster sisters who have lived together for a long time and face similar problems as gay couples, such unions would be of benefit to them too.

I actually expect we will end up with something like this , both major parties seem to be walking down this road.

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