Sunday, May 4, 2008

What Australians can do

Above is a picture of Littoral Combat Ship INDEPENDENCE, built in Alabama by Austral USA. Austral is an Australian company and is the world leader in large catamarans. The US Navy is evaluating two designs, Austral is part of the General Dynamics team. The purpose of the LCS is to sail into shallower waters close to shore and blow the shit out of terrorists.
The General Dynamics approach features an innovative trimaran hull that enables the ship to reach sustainable speeds of nearly 50 knots and range as far as 10,000 nautical miles with an unmatched interior volume and payload. The ship is designed to allow a crew of fewer than 40 sailors to fully operate, maintain and defend it. With a focus on affordability, LCS will provide the Navy with the capability to defeat terrorist swarm boats, mines, and diesel submarines prevalent in coastal waters around the world
The US Navy wants 33 LCS. Austral is listed on the ASX. I might invest in the Australian military-industrial complex.

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