Thursday, June 19, 2008


I'm glad we have so far resisted calls to legalise euthanasia. It always seemed a good way for money graping relatives to take advantage of the elderly and vulnerable to me. This case just supports my views:

Shirley Justins was found guilty by the New South Wales Supreme Court jury of manslaughter and Caren Jenning was found guilty of being an accessary to manslaughter.

Mr Wylie died from an overdose of Nembutal, a widely-advocated euthanasia drug, at his northern Sydney home in March 2006.

The 71-year-old had been refused a legally assisted death in Switzerland four months earlier, on the basis of his questionable cognitive ability......

One week before his overdose, Mr Wylie drew up a new will leaving all but $200,000 of his $2.4 million estate to Justins.

If the fellow was suffering from dementia how can he possibly be aware of what he was taking? Not that it will stop Dr Nitschke:

"We'll be advising people not to (declare they have Alzheimer's).

"Don't go to your doctor. Don't have the tests done. And if you do have the tests donethat show that you're starting to lose mental capacity, make sure it is not recorded."
Yeah, so we should kill ourselves if our memory is a vague, is that what you are advocating? Sounds like a death cult to me.

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