Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kevin Rudd to bannish nuclear weapons

After laying a wreath at a Hiroshima memorial PM Kevin Rudd announced he he will end nuclear weapons.

In a speech at Kyoto University, Rudd proposed the creation of the "International Commission on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament" bringing together experts from around the world.

He said the group would be co-chaired by former Australian foreign minister Gareth Evans and that he would ask Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda on Thursday to consider a Japanese national as the other head.

"It is impossible to visit Hiroshima and not be moved by what you see -- a graphic human story of the horrendous impact of nuclear weapons," Rudd said...

Hmmm..... He can't do much about interest rates or petrol prices but he will abolish nukes. Anyway, I would have thought the lesson of Hiroshima was that a nuke or two was a good way to stop a war.

The Americans seem to have nukes on their minds too. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has just sacked a couple of USAF top brass for nuclear stuff ups. I hope the shakeup is successful. You would hope the military know what they are doing when it comes to nuclear bombs.

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