Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pollies pay

The Sunday Telegraph is running this story on its front page:

NSW MPs have quietly pocketed a minimum 4.2 per cent increase to their exorbitant allowances, putting them on a collision course with angry unions.

The State Government is locked in fierce pay disputes with firefighters, rail workers and police over its hardline, below CPI, 2.5 per cent increase offer.

Premier Morris Iemma has frozen MPs' base pay rates, but last Friday the Parliamentary Remuneration Tribunal approved rises of between 4.2 and 14 per cent to their allowances.

Unions called on Mr Iemma to reject the boost to their perks or face a revolt among front-line workers who are fighting a 2.5 per cent pay increase cap imposed by Treasurer Michael Costa.......

I have no problem with politicians being paid well, if you want the best people you need to pay the best price. My only criticisms of politicians income is their generous superannuation. It just encourages the useless to hang on to achieve the required service time.

However heres an alternative. Let candidates put their expected salaries next to their name on the ballot paper. Joe Blogs may want to be your local member for $100,000 another person may offer a cut price $60,000, another may think he is worth $300,000. That way we really would get what we pay for.

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