Thursday, June 5, 2008

Work Choices still undead

As I suggested months ago Work Choices may be officially dead but it will be replaced by something much more market friendly then its critics want:

Union leader Dean Mighell has accused the Prime Minister and Workplace Relations Minister Julia Gillard of trying to keep 95 per cent of the Coalition's workplace laws intact, despite having pledged to rip them up.

The outspoken Electrical Trades Union secretary is leading a revolt against the Rudd Government amid concerns among senior colleagues that federal Labor has turned its back on plans to restore workplace rights.

In a strong attack on the Prime Minister's Labor credentials, published in The Australian today, Mr Mighell calls Mr Rudd no "true believer" and claims he is listening too much to big business.....
Good news, if we want to keep unemployment low.

UPDATE: Bastard boss Kevin Rudd made his bureaucrats work 35 hours straight. I wonder what sort of contract they are on.

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