Monday, July 7, 2008

Emmision trading

The governments emission trading policy is getting so much flack that Penny Wong might delay implementation:

CLIMATE Change Minister Penny Wong has hinted the Government may bow to pressure and delay the introduction of an emissions trading scheme (ETS), describing the 2010 start date as an "ambition" only.

Amid rumblings within Labor ranks over the proposed scheme, Ms Wong said: "That's the ambition, we said that before the election, we recognise we have to get moving on this.

However, I agree with Andrew Bolt, it delaying ETS until after the election won't help much.

Still, that gives the Liberals times to devise some catchy election slogans:

Higher petrol prices?

Vote Labor Higher power bills?

Vote Labor More power blackouts?

Vote Labor Close Yallourn?

Vote Labor Want your job sent to China?

Vote Labor No more jobs in Gippsland? Vote Labor

As I expected the state government is concerned what ETS will do to its electricity privatization plan.

I have one question. I will be seeing real money leaving my wallet so, how many degrees cooler will Australia be after ETS is implemented? Numbers please, how many degrees Mr Rudd?

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