Saturday, July 19, 2008

If it don't work, don't do it

Andrew Bolt tells us what a mess the Liberals are getting themselves into over global warming.

To see how impossible is their present position, watch Tony Abbott on Lateline (from 5:03):

The emissions trading system that Labor is proposing is essentially a carbon copy of what the Howard Government proposed, only we wanted to wait and see what happened until 2012.

So the Liberals are attacking Labor for doing precisely what they say they promised themselves, but doing it without the Liberals’ dithering. This is an argument that makes the Liberals seem not prudent, but weak.

Abbott clearly knows this is stupid, if not insane. The Liberals are throwing away their only chance to win the next election - as well as allying themselves to one of the most irrational and disastrous policies seen in federal politics. It’s like the Liberals saying they’d have sought funds from Khemlani, too.

Emission trading is about politics not science. Theres a perfectly reasonable conservative position for the Liberals to take. ETS should only be introduced in Australia if the other major emmiting countries do so to. Introducing it by ourselves with out the participation of countries like China and India will only hurt our economy without having any effect on any supposed global warming. If the major emitters do not reduce CO2 emissions and GW turns out to be real we will be more able to cope with any downside with a stronger economy.

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