Friday, February 27, 2009

Doomers at it again

Apparently global warming is going to be so bad that the population is going to be reduced to 10% and we are going to be vegetarians:

ALLIGATORS bask off the English coast, the Sahara desert stretches into Europe and 10 per cent of humans are left.

Science fiction?

No, this is the doomsday prediction if global temperatures make a predicted rise of 4C in the next 100 years. Some fear it could happen by 2050.

Its based on a report in New Scientist written by someone called Gaia Vince.

OK if this is all going to happen by 2109 or 2050 can someone please tell me by how much temperature will increase by 2015 and 2030? I really would like to test the prediction.

However lets put any GW skepticism aside for the moment. Lets assume Sydney gets caught up in the latitudinal dry belts they mention. Will we then abandon Sydney and have to migrate to the tropics? Nope. Instead it will be far easier to build a couple more desalintion plants and introduce water recycling. Run everything with a couple of nukes too.

Investing in air conditioning and enjoy the sunshine I say.

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