Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stop Student taxes

The Rudd government wants to impose student taxes again, fortunately the Australian Liberal Students’ Federation is leading the charge against the tax with an excellent action orientated website.

From the site:

The Rudd government is set to slug students $250 a year in the name of student services and representation.

In 2005, the Coalition government lifted a huge financial burden on students by making student union membership voluntary, empowering students to choose which services matter to them.

The benefits have been enormous, with students saving up to $600 per year. This choice has forced student unions to provide better services – the ones popular with real students – not student union leaders.

The Rudd government’s student tax will remove this choice, forcing students to pay $250 for services they may not want or be able to afford.

The Rudd government’s student’s tax will remove the incentive for student unions to provide the services real students demand. The Rudd government’s student tax will increase student debt – the last thing they need amidst the financial crisis.

Go to the website, sign the petition or send a letter to the senate!

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