Thursday, March 12, 2009

Green tots and Little Liberal Steps

They must not have much to do at Woollahra Council:
A PROGRAM called The Little Green Steps that would teach recycling and sustainable gardening to children at a Woollahra Council preschool has raised the ire of Liberal councillor Anthony Boskovitz, who on Monday night suggested his own education plan for children.

It would be called Climbing the Little Liberal Steps, he told a meeting of Woollahra Council to howls of laughter, and would introduce “personal responsibility, patriotism, freedom and individualism . . .”

“This is getting silly,” Mayor Andrew Petrie interrupted. “Where is the relevance?”

Cr Boskovitz managed to get out one more step - “ . . . resist the tyranny of big government” - before being shut down.

I suppose it is silly but I like this Cr Boskovitz fellow.

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