Monday, March 23, 2009

Nano Nano

The Indian super cheap car is about to hit the market:

INDIA'S Tata Motors is ready to launch the world's cheapest car amid predictions the vehicle could transform how millions travel and fears it would bring more traffic jams on Indian roads.

Tycoon Ratan Tata was due to unveil the four-door jellybean-shaped car with tear-drop lights at a "revolutionary high-tech'' audio-visual show in India's financial hub Mumbai.

The car is slated to cost just 100,000 rupees ($A2850) for the no-frills version that has a two-cylinder 623cc, rear-mounted engine with a top speed of 105km/h.

And they are looking at the export market:
The European version of its ultra-cheap Nano will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this week. The eventual retail price is rumoured to be around €5000 ($9872).

Tata has promised to sell the car for 100,000 rupees ($3050) in India. Launched last year, it was heralded as a marvel of super-thrifty engineering that would redefine the auto industry. Tata executives have since suggested that the rear-engine, four-door runabout, designed to tempt India's middle classes away from their motorbikes and scooters, is now ideally suited to cash-strapped Western consumers.

"Cash-strapped Western consumers," Thats going to be us soon. So put Away your dreams of owning a Ferrari , the little nano is all you are going to get.

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