Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Web 2.0 and Question Time

Tim Andrews has made the excellent suggestion that the Opposition set up an online system to allow people to vote on what questions be asked during Question Time.:
The concept is rather simple. You submit questions on a website (or through twitter). Other users get to vote on these questions, and the most popular ones get asked. A great example of this was the RNC Chairman debate hosted by ATR where hundreds of people submitted questions, and tens of thousands of votes were cast. I believe similar sites were up for Presidential debates. More recently, The Nation, The Washington Times, and the Personal Democracy Forum have teamed up to launch Ask the President, where you and vote on questions for President Obama that they will present the top ones at the next press conference. Zotfish is another example that takes this beyond politics.

The technology is already publicly available through Google Moderator:

Also see the following links.

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