Thursday, April 2, 2009

Go "Chopper" Ross Grove!

My local council Holroyd has some of the most restrictive tree preservation orders in Sydney. Last September saw a few Liberals elected to council and after much agitation, the ridiculous regulations are being reviewed:

Liberal councillor Ross Grove, who put forward the rescission motions, said he had embarrassed the Labor-Independent majority into reviewing the tree policy.

“We need to start letting people make their own decisions when it comes to keeping and planting trees on their property,” he said.

“Our rules and red tape, when it comes to tree removal, are among the most extreme in NSW. “Leichhardt, Ku-ring-gai and the Blue Mountains are all green councils, yet each one of them have more flexible approaches than we do.”

Independent councillor Allan Ezzy said the Liberals were playing mind games and claimed the rescission motions and continued debate wasted council’s time.

“It is just a ridiculous game,” he said. “We are there to discuss business, not waste time playing stupid mind games.”

Cr Ezzy said the tree management orders were fair and equitable. “There is a three-step process, including a an independent look at the tree and then a final review by councillors, so it can’t get much fairer than that,” he said.

“Otherwise we would have carte blanche and let everyone cut down whatever they want and have the place looking like Beirut.”

So Cr Ezzy believes the good citizens of Holroyd will denude the municipality if they were allowed to cut their trees. Doesn't show much faith in the people that voted for him does it?

I'm glad young Ross Grove is there to take the axe to our over regulated local government.

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