Monday, May 11, 2009

Treasurer Ralph's second budget

Here is my second attempt at the Federal budget. This time I ended up with $67.25 billion dollar surplus. Beat that Mr Swan!

I decided to abolish the 15% tax rate completely and reduced income tax rates and company tax to a 25% single rate. Reducing tax allowed me to cut middle class welfare and I substantially reduced spending on health and education.

The reason I ran such a big surplus was so I could go to the States and offer the deal: They would get a slice of the income tax base, a defacto state income tax, but they would have to abolish one major state tax, payroll tax or stamp duty , and take full responsibility for hospitals and schools. They are supposed to be state responsibilities anyway.

As the resulting economic boom will make us the envy of the world I gave a modest increase to defense. Unfortunately not everyone will be pleased with my radical plan to improve the nation so I doubled police and security spending.

If you don't like my budget then do your own and tell be the result!

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