Friday, October 23, 2009

Barnaby asks my question

Finally some parliamentarian asks the question I have been asking for months:

Thank you Senator Joyce!

Sadly the answer was pretty much what I expected:
The answer confirmed my worst fears in that I could not get the answer “Yes”. I was told it would depend on global factors of course! There will be no global factors if the rest of the world is not part of a global scheme. The CSIRO was sensibly and more inclined to tell me that my question was a policy issue. That is correct as it lacks scientific credibility that there will be any discernable change in the climate by reason of an Australian ETS. Later during the Committe hearing, the chief scientist said there would be a change in the climate by way of an Australian Emissions Trading Scheme. She also acknowledged there would be a change in the climate if I personally parked my car in the garage.

That is to say an indiscernible change, apart from the fact that the process involved in the most absurd form of minutia, follows the same mathematics as the overall equation of climate change.

Look, I not qualified to argue science but the ETS is a policy matter. Lets assume GW is as bad as the most hysterical promoters are saying. Then why the hell are we going to impose a multi billion dollar tax that will have no effect on climate and make us poorer? All it will do is make it harder for us to adapt to the change. The ETS is just nonsense.

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