Monday, October 5, 2009

Gun violence out of control

Thats what was reported in the Daily Telegraph today:

The city's shooting capital is Fairfield, with 34 shootings in just two years to the end of June.

Exclusive statistics from the Bureau of Crime Statistics show there were 157 drive-by and illegal shootings between July 2008 and the end of June, up from 129 the year before......

According to the Opposition they are illegal guns:Opposition police spokesman Mike Gallacher said NSW was awash with handguns, which were being imported from overseas and then traded on Sydney streets.

"Criminals are getting their hands on illegally imported firearms," he said last night.
But I thought banning fire arms was supposed to prevent such problems. At least thats what we were told. by the government. Heres an alternative plan. Instead of  passing more useless laws how catching the crims and throwing them into gaol.

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