Sunday, November 22, 2009

leave gays alone

The Rudd government apparently doesn't like the laws recognizing same-sex civil ceremonies in the ACT and wants to veto the legislation:
THE Federal Government is still toying with the possibility of overturning laws recognising same-sex civil ceremonies in the ACT.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said the Government had not ruled out vetoing the laws, which were passed by the ACT Legislative Assembly earlier in November.

Two previous attempts to introduce such laws were stymied by the Federal Government which has the power to disallow territory laws.

The possibility of blocking them for the third time was still being considered, Mr Rudd said.

Why? Whatever it may be its not gay marriage as that is defined by the Marriage ACT which is a federal responsibility not State. If the people of the ACT really want to give recognition for some type of civil ceremony so be it, I don't see why the feds need to interfere.

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