Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Abbott goes for the bogan right

For the Liberal Party to gain office they have to gain the support of the working class conservatives, the Howard battlers or as I call us the Bogan Right. That requires a leader who can connect with ordinary Australians. John Howard could do that  which was why he was swept into power in 1996. He was able to keep our support until 2007 when Kevin Rudd took those votes from the tired Howard government . Malcolm Turnbull was always seen as an eastern suburbs toff and could never connect. Tony Abbott has a chance of gaining  our trust and will be doing all her can to get those votes.:

"Obviously, if you are going to win the election you have got to secure the people who regard themselves as rusted on Coalition voters and then you have got to reach out to the middle ground," Mr Abbott told Fairfax Radio today.

"And 'Howard's Battlers', to use that phrase, were basically working people who respected John Howard because he thought that, in his own way, he was one of them.

"We can reach out and claim those same people ... maybe this could become Abbott's Army."Mr Abbott said in the weekend by-elections in Bradfield and Higgins there were big swings to the Liberals in "blue collar" areas.

"I have a feeling this emissions tax is really going to bring them (Labor) unstuck," he said.

How successful he will be remains to be seen.

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