Sunday, December 6, 2009

Elite foodies against Maccas

What a bunch of elitest wankers.
Plans by fast-food giant McDonald's to open a restaurant in Nuriootpa have upset some of the Barossa's most high-profile food and wine identities, including celebrity cook and food manufacturer Maggie Beer and wine legend Margaret Lehmann.

"We need to protect the culture of the valley that brings us so many tourists," said Ms Beer, the long-time Barossa champion whose TV show The Cook and the Chef was mostly filmed there. "We have to keep working on the Barossa as a gourmet destination.

"For me, McDonald's would be like a thorn in the valley's side. We would be seen as talking the talk, but not living the life."

However its good to see freedom fighters coming out:

However a 763-member Facebook group "Let McDonald's come to the Barossa" wants the area to "get with the times".

Group creator Russell Payne, 19, of Sandy Creek, said Red Rooster and Subway had not dented the area's reputation.

"In a community which is largely dominated by rotating shiftworkers, a local place that is open very early to very late would make it easier on a lot of people," he said.

"The times are changing and the Barossa is expanding. The tourists will come and eat at the slow food places but the locals need the fast food option as these days people have to work harder and longer."

The main reason they don't want Maccas is because they can't stand the competition, can't have all those tourist buying cheap hot cakes and coffee for breakfeast.

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