Sunday, December 20, 2009

More new taxes

Looks like the we will be getting more taxes:

THE Federal Government's biggest tax inquiry in more than two decades is set to propose a national land tax, a new resource tax and a road congestion tax for the nation's clogged cities.

The Henry Review, by treasury head Ken Henry, is also expected to canvass a federal clawback of GST revenues to fund the Rudd Government's proposed takeover of the public hospital system.

Dr Henry's report, which is due to go to the Government at the end of this month, is also believed to favour a national payroll tax to replace state-based payroll taxes.

The national land tax would also replace existing state-based stamp duties payable on the sale of properties. But while Dr Henry is believed to support the tax, Treasurer Wayne Swan could still rule it out as too politically dangerous...

What annoys me the most is not that the government wants to clean up taxes but that it wants to take over state taxes. The net result will be weaker state government and a more powerful central government.

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