Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rudd Censors the Internet

The tests may have been a complete fraud but thats not going to stop the government.  We will soon be joining those great free nations China and North Korea with mandatory internet censorship. There's no need for it and its an attack on our basic freedoms. The government is using the old excuse of protecting our children. Well, that's the parents responsibility. Any parent can install a net filter, in fact the Howard government purchased a license to one and made it freely available. The Rudd government let the license lapse.

This is a chance for the Liberals to stick to their principles of freedom and responsibility. I know some like Alex Hawke and Jamie Briggs feel as I do. The Australian Liberal Students are against it too. The question is what will Tony Abbott do? Will he revert to a ban it for our own good conservative, or will he fight the nanny state?

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