Monday, February 15, 2010

Local Council takes over policing

In discussions over federalism the role of local government is often overlooked. In my veiw we would be better of if some of the States responsibilities and tax powers were given to the local government. Local policing seems appropriate to me. Frankston Council in Victoria is doing just that:

A MELBOURNE council fed up with too much crime and too few police is moving to hire a private security force to patrol local streets.

Frankston Council in Melbourne is poised to spend about $250,000 of public funds hiring eight roaming guards as part of a six-month trial to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour.

Deputy mayor Brian Cunial - a serving police officer stationed at Frankston - is among councillors expected to endorse the "rent-a-cop" plan at a special vote tonight....


  1. Absolutely.

    While some people are calling for state powers to be shifted to Canberra... perhaps the unhappiness with state governments is an opportunity to argue for some of their powers to be officially decentralised to the local level. This could also be an effective solution to the "wild rivers" issue.

  2. G'day,

    Yeah,In may be a good time to properly review what we do with local government. I think theres a good case to amalgamate the smaller councils into more economically efficient units and giving them the option of transferring land tax to them with a commensurate transfer of responsibilities. Local policing being one.

    Public transport could be another one. Parramatta Council already has its own local Loop Bus. Sydney City's Lord Mayor likes light rail so I would allow her to impose traffic congestion charges and fund trams if she wants too.