Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Women better off in the 1950's

Thats what the National Foundation of Australian Women thinks:

A new study that examined barriers to women entering the work force found they had more help from the Federal Government's job-seeking services in the 1950s.

And that was at a time when women were viewed largely as mothers and wives, not in today's society when both partners frequently needed to work to survive.

The new privatised government employment services give women advice on the local job market and training opportunities but they don't get the complete suite of employment services available to unemployed people on welfare, the report says......

"The Commonwealth Employment Service, set up in 1947, allowed anyone to rock up to the CES - married women, single women, teenagers, anybody of age - and it was a national scheme and you would be entitled to assistance in being placed," she said.

"We are worse off than we were in the 1950s because it has been rejigged and all farmed out to private operators."

Government subsidies to fix unsightly dental problems, buy appropriate clothes, mentoring and help finding a childcare place are government employment services unavailable to women with a working partner.
What a load of rubbish. One of the best things Howard did was privitise the CES. Its was a useless organisation, the standard joke was nobody knew anybody who found work through the CES. Also please tell me how many subsidies to fix bad teeth and bad clothes the CES gave to ANYBODY in 1947?

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