Friday, May 28, 2010

National emergency declared

This is just outrageous. The mining companies are mounting an advertising campaign against the Rudd governments' mining tax so what do they do? Use the national emergency powers to bypass their own rules tnd attack the miners:

WAYNE Swan is preparing to escalate his pitched battle with the mining industry over the resource super-profits tax, obtaining a special exemption under national emergency powers to waive the government's own advertising rules for a campaign against the miners.

The exemption granted this week to the Treasurer by Special Minister of State Joe Ludwig will allow the government to rush out an advertising campaign to counter a mining industry blitz against the new 40 per cent super profits tax....

Mr Swan on May 10 sought permission from Senator Ludwig, in his role as Cabinet Secretary, to mount a tax reform advertising campaign.
How many millions will they spend? We have a federal government which has no respect for the Australian people.

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  1. The hypocrisy and weaseling is stunning isn't it. Them having no respect for us is an understatement, it's not crossed over into utter contempt.