Friday, July 9, 2010

Conroy shelves internet censorship

Some good news Communication Minister has shelved plans to censor the internet.
THE Federal Government's controversial plan to censor the internet has been shelved until a review can be conducted into what sort of material should be banned.

Under the plan, internet providers like Telstra and Optus would be forced to block access to web pages containing RC material.

RC stands for "refused classification".

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy today admitted Australians were concerned about what kind of material could fall into that category, and said he would push for a review of the classification guidelines.

"Some sections of the community have expressed concern about whether the range of material included in the RC category, under the National Classification Scheme, correctly reflects current community standards," Senator Conroy said
However I wouldn't relax just yet. All he has done is to remove the issue for the upcoming election. Expect internet censorship to be reintroduced afterwards.

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  1. Guess there are no votes in telling people what is good for them on the net.