Sunday, August 29, 2010

This is ridiculous

Rob Oakeshott, one of the Three Amigos, or should I say the Three Stooges, does not like people telling him to hurry up and make up his mind.  Tough, I and I'm sure lot of other Australians are getting sick of tall three of them. Oakshott seems to think he may blackmail Tony Abbott by declaring he will force another election. Well, what would the result of another election be? There can only be three alternatives., A clear Labor win, a clear liberal win or another hung parliament. If the Liberals or Labor win, the most likely option,  he would lose any political leverage he has. If another hung parliament happens he would be in the same position.

I'm beginning to  think the best outcome would be for them to support Julia Gillard. Lets have a government Labor, Green and Independents government. Let Australia see what that means. I have no doubt the following election would have a far clearer result.
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