Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Labor begins to consider nuclear power

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Some good news,  a few prominent Labor politicians are calling for their party to begin debating nuclear power for Australia:

Report author Dr John Burgess said nuclear power had two key benefits - it produced continuous output and had no carbon emissions.

"So compared to some of the other technologies it looks quite favourable financially at that time when the carbon price is climbing up to $80 a tonne in about 2030," Dr Burgess told ABC radio.

A number of Labor MPs and senators have seized on the report and want the ALP's national conference to overturn the ban.

Ms Gillard said she remained opposed to nuclear power, adding anyone who would argue to scrap Labor's longstanding policy "is setting themselves up for a pretty tough argument".

"In this country ... nuclear power doesn't stack up as an economically efficient source of power for our nation," she said.

NSW Labor powerbroker Steve Hutchins said the party should keep an open mind on the issue.

"I would think people would ask us to consider all forms of alternative energy to make sure that we can continue to turn on our lights and make sure we have industry to work at," he said.

The only way we will have nuclear power in Australia is for both major parties to support it so the sooner there's a mature discussion the better.
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