Monday, April 11, 2011

Burqa ban

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I don't support a general government ban, but I do support property owners, including the government , having the right to set dress standards. The Burqa is a sign of female oppression and is anti Australian. It should be banned from all government property . Owners of shopping centers etc should have the right to ban it too.:

From today French police have the power to stop Muslim women wearing full-face veils and to threaten them with fines or prison if they refuse to expose their faces.
All over France posters have been put up reminding veil-clad women that “the Republic lives with its face uncovered”.
Last year, President Nicolas Sarkozy pushed through a controversial law banning Muslim women from wearing burqas or niqabs in public. He said the law was to increase security but claimed it would liberate Muslim women from the oppression of their veil.

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