Friday, April 22, 2011

Just what is wrong with Labor?

At the end of 2007 the Labor party held all the States and the Commonwealth government. Now the Liberals hold Victoria, NSW and Western Australia.  Labor only holds Tasmania with the support of the Greens and the Gillard government would be thrown out in a land slide. They  might still be able to hold Queensland but in South Australia  they now have this:

MP child porn charges shatter South Australian Labor Party

Premier Mike Rann flew into Adelaide and straight into a media storm yesterday. Picture: Mark Brake Source: The Advertiser
  • South Australian Labor rocked by child porn charges
  • Shock allegations against MP add to party's woes
  • Poll shows Labor's primary vote stands at 24 per cent
THE Labor Party in South Australia is reeling from a sex scandal involving a Labor MP.
Poor poll results, party infighting and calls for a leadership change add to its woes.
Party MPs were in shock yesterday, after police seized laptop computers, computer discs and a mobile phone from the accused MP's home.
In a statement, Premier Mike Rann said: "Like others, I was shocked by reports I read in the newspaper this morning".
"For legal reasons, no person, including me as Premier, is at liberty to reveal the identity of the person, the subject of the allegations, or to disclose any information through which others may infer the identity of the person."
"It would be against the law for me to comment on the allegations, as the matter is now before the courts," the Premier said.

Their poll numbers are even lower then NSW  Labor which says a lot.
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