Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dubai in the Pilbara

This is excellent. Free crown land for developers. Wish we could do something like it in NSW.

Pilbara dreams of being Little Dubai

Finbar project manager Peter McDowell and Gerry Hanssen of construction company Hanssen examine plans for Karratha's first high-rise project. Picture: Courtney Bertling Source: The Australian
A LITTLE Dubai is to bloom in the Pilbara, with crown land to be given away free to property developers to build luxury high-rise apartments in the remote region as Western Australia gears up for a massive expansion of its mining boom.
Government Landcorp chief Ross Holt said yesterday the radical plan could be a catalyst for ending the chronic housing shortage and lack of amenities that have plagued the Pilbara and deterred people from living there.
"The government sees the land it owns there as part of the currency it has to bring about revitalisation and start turning these places into cities," Mr Holt told The Weekend Australian.
"You could argue that crown land up there is worth a lot of money because there's such a high demand for accommodation, but the government is saying that it's not looking at maximising its commercial return on land - it's much more interested in achieving high-quality development outcomes.".................

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