Sunday, May 29, 2011

Millionaire film star promotes Carbon tax

Some how I don't think these ads are going to be very effective:

CATE Blanchett has sparked outrage in the community with her decision to front an advertising campaign promoting the Federal Government's controversial carbon tax.

The millionaire Hollywood actor has been accused of being out of touch by spruiking the benefits of the tax that she can afford to pay, unlike many already hard-up Australians.

The 42-year-old has teamed with Packed to the Rafters actor Michael Caton to be the faces of a series of TV ads branded "Say Yes", which will screen nationally from tonight.

The ads are aimed at convincing the average Australian that a carbon tax is a good idea, even if it is tipped to raise the cost of living.

But then there are more than 50 million reasons why Blanchett has different concerns to the average Australian.

In 2009, BRW estimated the Oscar winner's wealth at $53 million, putting creature comforts like a $10 million mansion in Hunters Hill on Sydney's North Shore well within the budget.

And it is why critics have lashed the film star for fronting the campaign while battlers do the sums to figure out how they will pay the bills when the tax is imposed.

UPDATE. The youtube response:

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