Monday, May 16, 2011

Tony Abbott and his Vision

In today's Daily Telegraph Simon Benson tells us Mr Abbott needs to show us his "Vision" . Apparently bad things are going to happen to Tony if he doesn't clean his spectacles and " need to start articulating a fiscal policy setting to manage the mining boom and associated inflationary pressures, as well as a responsible plan of tax and welfare reform to deal with the expanding wealth gap it will bring."

I'm unimpressed. Much the same thing was said about Barry O'Farrell for the four years he was Opposition Leader. Yet he went on to win an election with a record majority.

John Howard also lacked Vision according to the pundits. When asked about his Vision in 1996 Mr Howard said he thought Australians wanted to be relaxed and comfortable. Thats no Vision said the pundits. He was contrasted with Mr Paul Keating who apparently had lots of Vision. Well, John Howard went on to win that election and became Australia's second longest serving Prime Minister.

Grand Visions are not the conservative way. It implies that we have to follow some politicians view of what our future should be. My own vision for an Australian government is very simple. Get the budget back to surplus, pay off the debt then give tax cuts every year which was what Howard did. Let Australian keep the money they earned so they can follow their own vision.
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