Sunday, August 21, 2011

Publis Servants planning "Day of Chaos"

They are going on strike because they will only be getting a 2.5% pay rise. Why should they have an automatic pay rise at all? I don't. Any pay rise I get depends on my performance. That's standard in the private sector. I hope Barry uses this as an opportunity to outsource as many public service jobs to the private sector as he can.

Public sector workers protest against Barry O'Farrell's  wages bill
Public sector workers protest against Barry O'Farrell's controversial wages bill outside the NSW parliament. Another, much larger action is planned. Picture: Alan Pryke. Source: The Australian
NURSES, police, firefighters, teachers, bus drivers and thousands of other public servants are secretly planning a statewide "day of chaos" in protest against Barry O'Farrell.
Outraged at being depicted as "fat-cat bludgers" by the NSW government, state workers are organising the massive revolt for September 8 - two days after the O'Farrell government's first Budget.
Union leaders yesterday admitted they were plotting the strike against the state government after The Sunday Telegraph learnt of a series of secret planning meetings over the past few days among unionists and workers.
"The rally is a direct consequence of the state government's attack on public sector workers' rights, job losses and cuts to services which are all due to a fictional budget black hole which has been shown not to exist," Unions NSW secretary Mark Lennon said. He predicted a massive turnout.
So angry are workers that some have told The Sunday Telegraph they would be prepared to defy any court orders against a walkout.
The industrial action against the government comes in response to new laws restricting public sector wage rises to 2.5 per cent - unless productivity savings can be demonstrated.

The laws also strip the Industrial Relations Commission of its powers by forcing it to abide by the policy and employment conditions ordered by the Finance Minister.

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