Saturday, October 1, 2011

Woman in Military Combat Roles

Greg Sheridan is 100% right. When I see women playing first grade Rugby in any number is when I'll believe they should be in Army combat roles. They just don't have the physical strength. Its a attempt to weaken our military.

Saying standards will be maintained and only woman who meet those standards will be accepted is nonsense. If that happens only a very small percentage will make the grade and you can bet for political reasons those standards will be lowered. Also it will be interesting to see how many women will injure themselves trying to keep up with the men.

The army is pitched at the average Australian male. The idea is in time of war you can drag an ordinary bloke out of the pub and make a solider out of him. The average woman is just not as strong as the average man. End of story.

Women have no place in combat

A NATION that sends its women into front-line combat, into close infantry, hand-to-hand fighting and killing, is a nation that either doesn't take combat seriously or doesn't take respect for women seriously. This wretched decision to make all combat roles in the Australian military available to women moves Australia closer to both outcomes. It will make our military less effective, and less respected, and it will make women less respected as well.
It is a decision born of a postmodern fantasy, a kind of derangement of nature contrived by ideology against reason, common sense, military professionalism and all human experience. It is almost certainly a sign that the Gillard government has more or less stopped taking defence seriously.......


  1. I have heard of those deployments in Iraq as well as Afghanistan. They are very brave and a source of inspiration.

  2. In defense of those women and the government the women chose to be soldiers and fight. But i agree that they shouldn't be fighting a war just because of getting leverage for Oil and military contracts.

  3. I don't think gender (biological or sexual preference) should be an issue in the army. These people chose to be in there, since they believe in what they do.