Wednesday, December 5, 2007

No smoking in parks

This is just ridiculous. Not only can we not smoke in pubs and clubs, now they want to ban smoking in public parks! Supposedly to protect children. Now if the kids are running around playing in parks how are they supposed to be harmed by cigarette smoke? Further more the person nearest to them who is most likely to be smoking is a parent or guardian, who would be smoking at home anyway. I'm a non smoker but they can stick these regulations up nanny (state) jumper.

SMOKING while children are playing sport or enjoying recreational time in parks and public places could soon be banned.

Two NSW councils are considering a no-smoking policy in council-owned parks and sporting grounds in a bid to protect young people's health.

The move follows smoking bans on Manly, Bondi, Tamarama and Bronte beaches in Sydney.

Wollongong Council is also considering putting up signs in public parks asking people not to smoke where children are playing.

Last night Shellharbour Council on the South Coast met to consider a smoking ban within 10m of all council-owned sports fields from January 2009.

"Council can increase community protection against second hand smoke, promote positive health messages . . . and significantly reduce the amount of cigarette litter," the minutes of the council meeting said....

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