Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Citizenship test

The citizenship test was one of the major reforms of the Howard government and supported by Labor at the time. It properly makes sense to review and fine tune the test but that what not the multi cultural lobby want. They want to dilute the test so it becomes meaningless.

ETHNIC groups have backed an overhaul of Australia's new citizenship test after reports thatone in five applicants are failing it.
Of the 10,636 people who have taken the test since it was introduced by the Howard government in October, 2311 - about 20 per cent - failed.

Candidates must take a 20-question quiz on Australian history, values and way of life, and show adequate competence in the English language.

The West Australian newspaper reported that new Immigration Minister Chris Evans would review the citizenship test in the wake of the failure rate and could make substantial changes to it.

NSW Anti-Discrimination Board president Stepan Kerkyasharian was critical of the test's content, saying it should rely less on culture and more on practical knowledge about Australia.
The test is supposed to discriminate. Its supposed to discriminate against people who don't understand Australian history and culture. Theres more to being a citizen then knowing the location of Centrelink. If the applicant fails they can brush up on Australian history and culture and try again. We don't expect new citizens to have university level knowledge. Hell, you only need to a 60% success level! What sort of dummies are failing it?


  1. Yeah, it may seem difficult for left-wing minds to comprehend, but tests are supposed to discriminate! That's kind of the point, really.

    What sort of dummies are failing it?

    Maybe some who don't speak english so well? Even if that is the case, I don't care. It's still testing your ability to integrate into Australian society.

  2. G'day

    Ye it is, citizenship comes with responsibilities and obligations. Such as the obligation to vote and do jury duty. How are you supposed to properly participate in these activities if you can't understand English?

    Citizenship had degenerated into a vote graping exercise, the Howard government had the good sense to make it mean something.

  3. Not to mention, they give you the answers to study prior to the test, i wouldn't be surprised if they'll let you write some of them down on the palm of your hand. ultimately there is no test the multiculturalists will be happy with, because they don't see the host culture as anything worthwhile.