Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wowser Liberals

Brendan Nelson goes wowser:
Today we are also reminded with the recent release of the latest study on gambling addiction and poker machines in particular, we are reminded that Australians are spending about $10 billion a year - $500 for every man, woman and child in Australia – on poker machines. Much of the money that is going through poker machines comes out of pension cheques and the pay packets of hard working battlers and it’s now long past time when governments throughout Australia need to be doing everything we can to assist those who are at the sharp end of gambling and poker machines.
So pensioners and workers shouldn't be playing the pokies? Who are you to tell them that? Pensioners have as much right to spend their pension on poker machines as they have buying sweets for their grandchildren. Considering how fat some kids are is properly better anyway. Those hard working battlers actually, you know , work for their money and you want to stop them relaxing with a few beers and some time a their local club. Get over it, their gambling it subsidizing the cheap club meals and drinks anyway.

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