Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cory the brat a genius

That’s what Andrew Ramadage called party brat Cory Delany today. You know what, he is right. The little turd throws a wild party while his parents are away, causes $20,000 worth of damage and becomes a media sensation. He’s managed to turn the vilification against him into a DIY reality TV show.

Then there’s the dubious child porn charge by the policy against one or two of the party ring leaders (no name can be provided for legal reasons) . According to the morning papers some semi naked underage girls were filmed on a mobile phone while playing Twister. Big deal. A boy gets a clip of a few topless girls. Does anyone think this will harm the teenager’s reputation among his generation? Its Keystone Cops stuff by the cops.

The teenagers in question have out smarted everyone.

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