Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sperm drought

Can't these women simply visit their local club? I'm sure they will find someone who will be happy to help.

With demand for sperm growing rapidly - particularly from single Sydney women - clinics are importing vials from the US on a monthly basis.

"The demand is incredible and continually rising," said John Braine, from Fertility East in Bondi Junction.

The most surprising trend has been a 40 per cent rise in the number of single women seeking sperm donors.

"These are women, aged from 35 to 40, who are single, attractive career women, who cannot find a man to have a baby with," he said.

While Sydney's man-drought had compounded the problem, new laws giving children the right to know the identity of donor parents was a big factor in the decline in donor numbers. As a result, there are fewer than five registered sperm donors in NSW.

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  1. I definitely believe a woman should be completely free to make whatever decisions she chooses with regards to family and career, but I've no reservations in saying that our generation just could not work out what they wanted. I've worked with a lot of great professional women, but It's hilarious how they do the career thing full on, declaring that they don't have time for family, then it's like a chemical reaction in their brain occurs and virtually overnight they're desperately looking for a partner to settle down with and they want kids before the year is out! It's just bizarre. And what makes it even funnier is that they are often canvassing the workplace for their prospective partner, so the single guys are virtually being stalked! I've seen one guy who'd obviously been put on the short list actually get nervous whenever the Manhunter (which is what she became know as) was around. Before she gave up he would actually move around the building to avoid her.

    Another phenomenon I've noticed is that in the initial stages they will make some sort of public announcement, sort of in passing but to a group of people, stating that they know they're on a time limit. It's like nature's primeval warning to the single guys to either run or be ready to be stalked!